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GoldenERA – The creation of a gaming icon

A documentary film that will explore the story behind the game: how a small team created one of the most influential and widely-enjoyed games in history; the personal stories of the large impact the game had on its fans; how the game’s legacy continues to inspire reimaginings, fan projects and the broader FPS genre; and, where the GoldenEye team are today and their thoughts on the current gaming landscape. Featuring interviews with gaming journalists from IGN, Kotaku and Cnet as well as industry experts and developers. GoldenERA celebrates the game that revolutionised the way we play together, in bedrooms, dorm rooms with friends and family around the world.


  • How did a small team, many of whom had never worked on a game before, create one of the most revered and best-selling games of all time?
  • GoldenEye’s evolution – What was the process like transforming the early 2D platformer and on-rails shooter concepts into the final FPS vision?
  • Nintendo and Rare culture – Was it a challenge getting approval for a more mature direction for the game and enough development time to make a film license of unprecedented depth?
  • Pushing beyond the limitations of the system (miniscule 12MB cartridge, texture resolutions, frame rates, transition from Silicon Graphics to N64, characters etc.)
  • Gameplay – The little touches that immersed us in the world and transitioned the genre from Doom-style blasting to the more detailed sandbox shooters we have today: Multiple mission objectives, stealth gameplay, animated hit locations on enemies, the watch/pause feature, the zoomable sniper rifle etc.
  • Multiplayer – How a mode originally approached as a side project became THE iconic N64 multiplayer game.
  • Audio – The soundtrack that kept on giving.  The original Bond anthem in the hands of Grant Kirkhope would go on to be a key element in the game’s immersive quality, as were the many memorable sound effects.


  • GoldenEye single-handedly proved that not only were FPS games on console possible, but that they could be arguably the most enjoyable multiplayer games, foreshadowing the huge popularity of console shooters such as COD and Halo.
  • Looking at the press coverage as it was release and how the way it’s been viewed critically has evolved over time. E.g. Edge Magazine saying with hindsight they should have given it 10 instead of 9.
  • How GoldenEye’s speed challenges helped shape the current speedrunning phenomenon.
  • Looking at the elements of the game that lived on in Perfect Dark and Activision’s GoldenEye remake, as well as the GoldenEye Source project. And why licensing issues have prevented a pure re-release.
  • Why did the original GoldenEye team fragment so much after its release?


The GoldenEye 007 game has had a profound impact on so many lives around the world. We’ll explore personal anecdotes of the dev team, fans and celebrities discussing how it shaped them and their lives. Below are a couple of examples that are indicative of the sorts of personal stories we’ll be weaving through the documentary.


GoldenERA Documentary Director – Drew Roller
This game had a huge impact on me. I have a successful career in interface design and film making because I became addicted to Goldeneye and also Zelda Ocarina of Time which were both games that changed my view on the world.  I wanted to create interactive experiences for people that delighted them.

GoldenERA Documentary Producer – Narayan Pattison
This game was the cornerstone of my love for gaming and my N64. I was a fledgling writer for N64 Gamer magazine and was given GoldenEye as my very first review. I went in without any expectations and was utterly flawed by its atmosphere and depth. Having the honour of explaining to Australia why this game was so revolutionary and why they should all play it was pivotal in my decision to turn my back on my law degree and spend the following 20 years as a games journalist.


  • Current projects the GoldenEye team are working on.
  • How the games industry has changed from 1997 to 2017. Are the bigger budgets making gaming derivative as publishers become more risk averse? Has the recent rise of digitally distributed Indie games helped recreate a similar resurgence of creativity that the industry enjoyed during GoldenEye’s inception?
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